Reviews & Opinions

These Days I see a lot of good apps and designs out there. But I feel there’s always room for improvement. Therefore I have decided to start two new categories in my blog as reviews and opinions.


In this section I would be writing about the existing design of apps and websites. Giving the cons and pros I find in them. This would give my readers and friends a good view of what I feel is a good application or a design and what’s a bad design or an application which they shouldn’t use from my experience.


In this section I would be mostly writing about the existing design of apps and websites. Explaining how I feel that the designer or developer can make the user experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

The reviews and opinions would be based on my knowledge and experience I have gained with in the few years. I hope this won’t offend anyone. If anyone feels what i have wrote or write in the future is not true please feel free to let me know.

All my design and works are open for criticism sensibly.

I believe I am a beginner and there’s always something to learn. I’m still learning and I always love to share my knowledge with people who are interested to.

Happy Reading.