Maldives Post Limited Mobile App Mock-Up

I have been using the services of Maldives Post for about 3 years now. Love the fast and polite service they give. Haven’t had much of a problem besides the waiting queue system they had which they have recently updated to Quebee which sort of still creates some issues like missing tokens due to late update of token number and service downtime and mostly the issue which I face requeue-ing if I go off Data or Wifi. Quebee is a good service. They just need do a lil update to their tech too.

Anyways what I believe is that that Maldives post should release their own app and provide their services on the go too.

Here is a mock-up screen of a mobile app for Maldives Post Limited.

This is not a app or used in a real life. This was a mock up made out of pure boredom. All Maldives Post Limited Logo, advertisement and the name is reserved right by Maldives Post Limited