Maldives Post Limited Mobile App Mock-Up

I have been using the services of Maldives Post for about 3 years now. Love the fast and polite service they give. Haven’t had much of a problem besides the waiting queue system they had which they have recently updated to Quebee which sort of still creates some issues like missing tokens due to late update of token number and service downtime and mostly the issue which I face requeue-ing if I go off Data or Wifi. Quebee is a good service. They just need do a lil update to their tech too.

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Review: The New Maldivian Currency Notes

I love the new minimal design of the New Maldivian Currency Notes designed by Abdulla Nashaath. I would say the simplicity and the usage of the vibrant colors and fine designing of the small components and the watercolor effect puts a different level of perfection to the notes.
Below is the facebook page of the designer. Please do click like if you like it.

Bank of Maldives Gateway Mock Up

bml gateway

I have been using the BML Gateway recently to process Ooredoo recharge cards and thought to give the UI a better look. done this sometime back. This is not a real application or a UI used in a real application. This was a mock up made out of pure boredom. All BML Logo and the name is reserved right by Bank of Maldives.

Reviews & Opinions

These Days I see a lot of good apps and designs out there. But I feel there’s always room for improvement. Therefore I have decided to start two new categories in my blog as reviews and opinions.


In this section I would be writing about the existing design of apps and websites. Giving the cons and pros I find in them. This would give my readers and friends a good view of what I feel is a good application or a design and what’s a bad design or an application which they shouldn’t use from my experience.


In this section I would be mostly writing about the existing design of apps and websites. Explaining how I feel that the designer or developer can make the user experience more pleasant and enjoyable.

The reviews and opinions would be based on my knowledge and experience I have gained with in the few years. I hope this won’t offend anyone. If anyone feels what i have wrote or write in the future is not true please feel free to let me know.

All my design and works are open for criticism sensibly.

I believe I am a beginner and there’s always something to learn. I’m still learning and I always love to share my knowledge with people who are interested to.

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